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Where can I find Ijesha in Yoruba Land

The Ijesha (written as Ìjẹ̀ṣà in Yoruba
orthography), are a sub-ethnicity of the
Yorubas of West Africa. Ilesha is the
largest town and historic cultural capital
of the Ijesha people, and is home to a
kingdom of the same name, ruled by an
Oba locally stylized as the Owa Obokun
Adimula. The current reigning Owa
Obokun is Oba Gabriel Adekunle
Aromolaran II.
Total ~ Regions Osun State Religion
Ijeshaland is located at latitude 8.92°N
and Longitude 3.42°E. It lies in a forested
region at the heart of the Yoruba country
west of the Effon ridge which separate
the Ijeshas from the Ekitis to their east,
and at the intersection of roads from Ile-
Ife, Oshogbo, Ado Ekiti and Akure. The
Ijesa cultural area presently covers six
local government councils within Osun
state of Nigeria.
The Ijesha territory is adjoined by the Ekiti
on the east, the Igbomina to the north,
the Ife to the south, and the Oyo and
Ibolo to the west.
The nationally famous Olumirin waterfalls,
more popularly known as Erin-Ijesha
Waterfalls is located in Ijeshaland.
The Ijesha may have lost some territory to
their neighbours during various conflicts
and wars of the nineteenth and
preceding centuries. The people of Oke-
Ako, Irele, Omuo-Oke are said to speak a
dialect similar to Ijesha.

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