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What is the fastest way to grow Beard
Often, beards are depicted as a sign of masculinity, for some men, they take beard into their pride. Although beards naturally grow out as a person matures, some men are not as lucky as others. Not every guy has the tendency to grow beard talk more of a Lustrous one at that. Many men who decide to change their image and grow a beard always have the belief that the only way to achieve this is through the use of special tools and remedies. There are so many mass produced cosmetic mixtures that promise the desired results, but like have always been saying Nature has the answer to all our needs and desire. Spend no further as we have just two ingredients that will spike up your beard in a healthy way and hey be ready to join the beard gang.

If you happen to be interested in growing out your beard or just moustache, then this article is for you.

We have two products that you can try for faster result for beard growth, also works great for hair growth, hair loss prevention, beard softness and more.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Does castor oil help to grow a beard?
The results of using castor oil to grow a beard usually become noticeable after 3 weeks of use, but the body of every individual is different and the speed of growth could vary because of it.
The high efficiency of castor oil is explained by the fact that it contains a large number of nutrients that affect the structure of hair follicles.
Does Rosemary oil help to grow a beard?
Rosemary oil is an essential oil that stimulates beard growth . It is 100% natural and you can use it directly on the beard, or combine it with other beard oils.
Rosemary is an herb, and its oil is readily available in the market. It is considered very effective for the faster growth of facial hair.
In addition to stimulating hair growth, rosemary oil also slows the aging of facial hair and treats conditions like dry beard which often produces dandruff on the beard.
Rosemary oil can reduce itching and it conditions hair to look shiny and well-groomed.
Go to any super market out lets near you and purchase castor oil and rosemary oil. Purchase an empty eye drop bottle because you will need this for the mixing of our essential oils.
Here, is a picture of the eye drop bottle.
Get your essential oils and I mean castor and rosemary oil. Pour in the same amount of the oils into this eye drop empty bottle, mix well and there you have it your home made beard oil.
How to apply your homemade serum oil
To improve the absorption of this oil in the beard, I recommend following these three steps.
First, I recommend taking a good shower to clean the face from the impurities. After the shower, apply the oil with the use of your applicator the cap of your empty eye drop bottle and gently fuss it into the beards to have the oil directly on your skin
Massage your beard. It helps in stimulating the follicles which brings about blood flow to the follicles. The blood flow helps the follicle work and creates hair.
Gently rub the face. This will provide hydration to the epidermis and the follicles that are the basis of the facial beauty.
NOTE: To achieve desired result for beard growth, make sure you apply YOUR HOME MADE SERUM OIL consecutively for not less than 1 (one) month and the result is amazing.