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What is a Chromosome in DNA, Genetics?
In the nucleus of each cell, the DNA
molecule is packaged into thread-like
structures called chromosomes. Each
chromosome is made up of DNA tightly
coiled many times around proteins called
histones that support its structure.
Chromosomes are not visible in the cell’s
nucleus—not even under a microscope—
when the cell is not dividing. However, the
DNA that makes up chromosomes
becomes more tightly packed during cell
division and is then visible under a
microscope. Most of what researchers
know about chromosomes was learned
by observing chromosomes during cell
Each chromosome has a constriction point
called the centromere, which divides the
chromosome into two sections, or “arms.”
The short arm of the chromosome is
labeled the “p arm.” The long arm of the
chromosome is labeled the “q arm.” The
location of the centromere on each
chromosome gives the chromosome its
characteristic shape, and can be used to
help describe the location of specific

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