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What Is The Disadvantage Of Putting Your Phone On Vibrations
Vibrations are great for notifying you
about incoming calls or messages
when you’re in the theatre, meetings or
other places where it’s necessary to
keep the phone silent. In places where
it doesn’t matter, it will be better for
you to use your ringtone as notification
if you want to keep your smartphones
on longer.
Vibrations actually use up more power
than ringtones . The sounds produced
by ringtones are just very tiny
vibrations in your smartphone’s
speaker. Compare that to the shaking
of the entire phone via vibrating a
smart weight, playing a ringtone
definitely zaps less of your battery. The
same applies for using vibration for
tactile feedback. If you don’t think it’s
necessary, then disable vibrations or at
the very least, lessen the magnitude of
the vibrations.
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