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What I Learnt, After Being Arrested By E- money - Cute9jamedia
Nigerian blogger and Instagram sensation
Cute9jamedia shares his life story after
being arrested by Dr Emoney
He Wrote
Let me use this little opportunity to share
my life story and my experience with E-
money of Five-star Group
My name is Thaddeus Chidinma, I am a
blogger and digital marketer, I started
blogging in 2013 when I learnt web
designing through online tutorials. I
created and that's how my
blogging career started.
I didn't use to earn much but I believed
that all it'll take is time, that one day I will
start earning more. I am optimistic like
Fast forward to 2018, due to low traffic I
still get on my website, I decided to create
a celebrity Page on Facebook and start
sharing my links on it; which almost all
other up and coming bloggers does, not
knowing it's a very big offense.
Then I start by creating a page Named
"Emoney" on Facebook. I posts his pictures
I get from Instagram and also attach my
links on it, and to be honest my traffic was
booming, and I thought I have a new
solution for getting traffic, boy was I
One Day, Someone called me saying he's a
record Label owner, wanting to promote
one of their artist in the Eastern region, on
both radio stations and blogs. Since I don't
know much about radio promotions, I
gave them a friend's number, who knows
about radio promotions more than me
Not knowing that my case has been
reported to the police, that my friend got
arrested and was told to provide me, they
devised a means to lure me into their net
and it worked immediately since I had no
idea that I was in any sort of trouble, i
later got to find out that the record label
executives I was supposed to meet are
police officers. They arrested me me
immediately without telling me what I did
or why they arrested me, I was scared to
death that day. My friend was released
when I was arrested.
As I was there, I didn't even know my
offense, and who I offended, everyone
were looking at me as if I murdered
someone, talking about fraud, I was
surprised, don't know anything about
fraud. I was a little bit relieved when I
found out that they're police officers but I
was still confused with the whole fraud
thing, how can I be a fraud? I asked myself
I was taken to State CID in Enugu where I
spent the night; my first time in police cell,
the experience was horrible.
The following morning, they took me to
the airport, I can't forget that day (the first
flight was made possible by E-money,
funny right?). they took me to Lagos
Where he requested to see me, I don't
even know him, I was taken to 5 star
mansion, everything was moving so fast, I
started thing about my life, my people; and
what they must be passing through
looking for me by then, how I got into this
whole thing of which I didn't know what I
did that time, I didn't even know when I
broke down in tears, I didn't even bother
to stop myself.
As if i was dreaming, I saw baba coming
towards me and on impulse, I knelt down
and started begging with tears all over my
face, I explained everything to him, he was
very angry seeing it was a small boy he
was wasting his money for, Kcee and
many people were there, The two brothers
are really understanding and kind, thank
God! because when they checked and saw
that i wasn't replying any messages or
defrauding anybody with his name, they
understood and they forgave me instantly.
Like for real!!! I thought i was dreaming
for the second time that day, I couldn't
believe it, I tried to hold it but I couldn't; I
let out again another bout of tears, but
unlike the first time, this is tears of joy.
Dr E-money said he will forgive me and
help me, also advised me to build my own
brand, he said that I should delete all the
links I have posted on the page, which I
did and gave him back the page.
I followed his advice on creating my own
brand and now I have above 20k
followers on Instagram and and 50k
followers on Facebook with my name
The following day Dr Emoney booked a
flight for me again and I returned to
Enugu safely, Emoney is such a nice
person, He gave me his contact and told
me that he's going to help me but as faith
my have it, I lost my phone on my way
back. I have been trying to reach him since
that time all to no avail but in have faith
and hope that one day, I will get to him.
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story story story

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