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Warning: Watch Out For This Before You Enter Any Keke (trycycle)
Big Grin 

People should be very careful oo, because
there are things that are happening now,
more especially those living around Onitsha,
Aba, Enugu, Owerri , PH and Lagos. All this
keke(tricycle) riders are into Something else
this days oo.
In Aba now you will stop a keke rider and
tell him to take you to a particular place, he
will charge you maybe #100, you enter and
when you reach your destination. Maybe
you gave him #1000 he will open that small
cabin that they always put money and gave
you #900 change and zoom off. And that
your #1000 will remain there until the day
he will go to do account for the owner of
the keke. He will bring out all the money in
that cabin including that your #1000 and he
will summit it to the owner as an account
and tomorrow the owner of that keke will
take all that money to the bank, just listen
He will deposit it there including that your
#1000 and bank will load some into the ATM
machine, during weekend another person
will use his ATM card to withdraw money
from the ATM machine including that your
#1000 he will go to Bar or Joint and order
for Beers, Nkwobi, point and kill fish, and
ugba some will take their girlfriends to hotel
to eat your money. I just want to tell you
that all these keke riders are eating and
drinking beers with your money.
This is what is happening in Aba right now
please everybody should be very careful but
if you think my warnings are useless you
will be a victim one day, I like to inform
people about the dangers Ahead.
Odiegwu ooo

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