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Waist Beads Colors and Their Meanings
Gold- Prestige, High-quality, Power,
Wealth, Good-health.
Green- Abundance, Growth, Hope,
Mature, Generous, Freshness,
Nature, Fertility.
Red- Desire, Vitality, Self-
confidence, Energy, Power, Love.
Orange- Sunshine, Attraction,
Courage, Joy, Happiness, Success.
Purple- Wisdom, Luxury,
Spirituality, Creativity, Mystery,
Ambition, Royalty.
Yellow- Clarity, Joyful, Clarity,
Awareness, Knowledge.
Blue- Devotion, Truth, Intelligence,
Harmony, Wisdom, Peace, Healing,
Pink- Beautiful, Friendship, Care,
Kindness, Feminine, Love.
White- Goodness, Innocent, Light,
Virginity, Goodness, Purity.
Black- Authority, Elegance,
Brown- Friendliness, Honesty,
Strength, Earth, Stability.
The colorful waist beads defines a lot
in different cultures, showcasing
people in their different emotions and
feelings. These colors listed out will
help you choose which is best
suitable for you while you’re out
getting some.

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