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Virginity Can Qualify You For Special Favours

Let me start by making this clarification.
Please, don't think this doesn't concern you
because you have had penetrative sex at
some point in time, or have lost your hymen
(as a female). This is actually beyond that. It
is more about your current state and status
- it is for anyone who have made the resolve
to honour God with their body, and to
embrace Sexual Purity. Of course, I'm not
even ignorant of the fact that there are lots
of persons who are yet to have penetrative
sex quite alright, and even ladies who still
have their hymen in tact, but who still
indulge in other sinful sexual acts like
masturbation, smooching, MouthAction, etc.
Such persons are wrong if they think this is
for them!
Yes, just like me (to the Glory of God), those
who are yet to defile their bodies and are
still with their virginity still retain numerous
glorious virtues (as far as they are doing
that to honour God, and are not indulging in
any other form of impurity). However, know
that irrespective of what you have done in
the past, you are new in Christ. Scriptures
says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 "If anyone is in
Christ, he is a new creation; old things have
passed away; behold all things have become
new." I love the "new" there. It means, when
Christ looks at you, He sees a brand new
pure and undefiled bride! Glory to JESUS!
Let's now talk about favour (God's Favour)
Favour has to do with undeserved acts of
kindness and goodness. You don't have to
do something to earn it; not really based on
what you did or didn't do, but the giver
chose to give it.
God is a God of favour that keeps showing
humanity His kindness and goodness, even
when we don't deserve the least of His
mercies. Because He is a Loving God, and it
is His Nature to show mercy (He enjoys
being Good), many times, He doesn't wait
for humans to do something deserving
before favouring them. ".....for He makes His
sun rise on the evil and on the good, and
sends rain on the just and on the
unjust" (Matthew 5:45). Meaning, the
unjustness of the unjust won't pervert God's
nature. Even those that doesn't know or
acknowledge Him (yet) are still enjoying His
benefits. Indeed, the unfaithfulness of
humans won't affect the faithfulness of God.
God is a Faithful God
However, there are certain special favours
that must be qualified for. In other words,
even though they are actual favour from
God, they are not for everyone, but
whosoever will earn them must position
themselves appropriately to attract such.
In the scriptures, we saw the stories of Mary
and Esther..... Two highly-favoured women.
Mary got a very big favour from God.... To
become the Mother of the Lord Jesus Himself
(the Most Important Personality ever
known). In fact, the Angle Gabriel attested to
it by calling Mary "highly favoured one" who
"have found favour with God". There are
other hundreds of thousands of women out
there.....but it was her womb that was
picked. There were tons of other virgins in
Nazareth that could have been
chosen......Which simply displayed God's
However, ask yourself, "what if Mary was not
a virgin in the first instance?". Note that
there have been prophesies years back that
Jesus would come through not just any kind
of woman, but a virgin (Isaiah 7:14). Since
the prophecy can't be altered (Numbers
23:19, 1 Samuel 15:29), it means even if God
loves Mary immensely and so much desired
her to become the mother of the Christ, it
won't have been possible if she wasn't a
virgin. Therefore, because Mary was able to
keep herself pure, she was able to positon
herself to be in a spot that can easily attract
such favour...
Indeed, it becomes easier for God to bless
you with certain things when you choose to
honour Him with your life.
Same it was with Esther. She was highly
favoured to have being picked to become
the Queen in a foreign country by King
Ahasuerus of Shusan (without being the
most beautiful or whatever). However, the
truth is, she won't have qualified in the first
place if she wasn't a virgin! If she had
defiled herself beforehand, even if God has
intend to make her a Queen in Shushan, and
she herself has the dream of becoming one,
it will have been impossible, or difficult to
become a reality.
The fact is, many are living in a way that
pushes them away from the position where
they can easily attract the favour of God. God
is always excited to bless humans with
superb stuffs; but you must qualify for some
of these things! Embrace Sexual Purity and
flee sexual sins and other kinds of sins
(premarital and extramarital sex,
masturbation, pornography viewing and
acting, etc)
If you are still a virgin that's honouring God
with his/her virginity, please don't allow
anything snatch it away from you
prematurely, till you get married. Ignore the
mockery and flee the temptations. Soon, it
will attract favour that will make Angels
declare "This one is blessed among humans

Now that u hv made my day.

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