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Tips to quit Smoking habits

1. Have a positive mindset
You have to be optimistic if you must
have a strong determination to quit
smoking. You must tell yourself that it is
possible because others have done it
and succeeded. I strongly advice that you
read other people’s testimony on how
they quit smoking habit without
Remember that you will not achieve any
goal to defeat a habit if you do not
determine to stop it. It might not be easy
at first but developing a positive mindset
will help heal such habits due to strong
You might want to read the following
testimonies of past smokers below:
2. Avoiding smoking tempting
Do you have friends in school, colleagues
at work that engage in smoking? Its
high-time you start avoiding such
company. Do you think you can quit
smoking without doing away with its
temptations? Then re-think because it is
not possible. If seeing people smoke
merely reawaken the urge in you, avoid
such places where smokers gather most
especially the bars and the clubs.

In addition to avoiding your friends that
engage in smoking , get rid of all
“smoking memorabilia”, such as lighters,
ashtrays and cigarette packs from your
house and place of work.
3. You just have to be realistic
Quite a few number of ex-smokers quit
smoking successfully by decision to stop
all at once. Most people have tried using
this method but find themselves
smoking again. While this looks like the
best option, it is extremely very, very
To make things a lot easier, always be
realistic. Remember, smoking as an
addiction has your brain wired to daily
doses of nicotine; Smoking habit is a
demon that will fight back once you
suddenly take a strong decision to quit
If it works for you, the better but If this
approach doesn’t work for you, don’t
force yourself in making it work. You’ll
might end up depressed.

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