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Tips 6 Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid
Most parents try hard but they are
actually not doing their children a favor. In
fact, without even being aware they are
doing the total opposite of raising a child
the right way. These are some of the
words parenting techniques that you
should avoid if you don’t want your child
to be problematic.
-Hitting and punishment
Hitting a child as a way of punishing them
does not result in the child becoming
disciplined or obedient. Nowadays, these
two techniques are outdated and have
the opposite effect. Hitting your child will
only make them afraid of you but will not
prevent them from making the same
mistakes again.
-Discouraging arguments
Having a discouraging argument will not
make your child less rebellious. Acting as
an authority in front of a child will not
make them appreciate you more. This
kind of behavior will only lead to tension
build up in your child which can result in
a poor sense of autonomy. Try to listen to
your child instead of asking them to keep
-Exposing children to electronics from an
early age
Nowadays, children spend a lot of time
using electronic devices because parents
thing it is a good way to children to learn
or keep occupied. However, even if the
content is appropriate for children, it is
not a substitute for actual interaction. This
habit can lead to short attention span in
children and your child might avoid social
interaction in the future. It also inhibits
the motor and language skills of your
child which results negatively on their
mental development.
-Yelling and cursing
This behavior only lets you vent your own
frustration but it has a very negative
effect on your children. Yelling at your
child will not solve anything and it is a
type of emotional abuse. Instead of
teaching your child how to address an
issue correctly, you teach them that anger
and hatred are normal reactions when
they face a problem.
-Too much control
Being a parent means being constantly
worried about the safety of your child.
However, being obsessed with their every
move will have adverse effects and your
child might become insecure.
-Withholding affection
Expressing hatred in the form of
emotional or physical abuse as well as
lack of affection have detrimental effect
on your child’s wellbeing. This behavior
may impair your child’s reasoning and
judgment and may lead to trust issues.
Being a parent also means trying to
understand and acknowledge your
mistakes. You teach your children but they
also teach you. There is always room for
improvement and you should always
strive for it.
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