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This is how to get ride of maturbation

I too have been in the act masturbation &
shameful about it. it was a struggle, I
resisted many times & fell to it many times.
as a Christian I knew it was abnormal &
there were many factors that can cause
one to masturbate like not only at the
attractiveness of women, but high libido,
sociocultural & economic condition
(normally from 24/25 one should be
getting married), spiritual husband/wife,
porn & erotic images, sex chat & immoral
So you see the temptation of masturbation
can come in diverse forms, & even if it is
not masturbation as a reaction/response
you see people committing other immoral
acts like premarital sex (gf/sugar mommy/
prostitute), homosexuality, rape, sex
imaginations, defiling children (not cool),
My focus is on Masturbation & for those
who think its right, it ain't because it isn't
God's will.
So in my struggle, it was really that hard, I
prayed over it as well but I saw myself
doing it again, I knew I was disappointing
my heavenly Father. to note I have high
libido & attracted to ladies a lot, but am
not a flirt offline & I respect women & their
bodies, the mere sight or thought of
lusting at anyone I vehemently rebuked
but my flirting is more mainly online (its
Now I heard about a message on
masturbation (forgotten where) & it
pointed out that amongst many sins lust is
a spirit that comes & goes & that a
scheduled deliverance won't be effective.
Now there came a night, while attempting
to do the usual with a stubbornness in me
to just do it even when I knew it was
wrong & resisting a bit, I started hearing a
gospel song emanating from me in that
process, a song am familiar with, you
know that type of gospel songs you sing/
listen that revives your spirit, very heavenly
& holy, yea the song started right there
was reducing that sexual hunger, the
immorality of the act was leaving me, I
discontinued without even telling myself
not to, it was supernatural, as if sin just
gave way to something superior to it, the
song felt like it invited God right there on
my bed, I just couldn't continue with what
I wanted to do because I felt freed, mind
you it wasn't guilt or the knowledge I have
the Holy Spirit in me or that I was abusing
God's grace but what made me stop was
this invitation of holiness through that
song & the lust fled & my sexual urge
settled down.
This morning as it had been a while back
of that experience, recalling this the Holy
Spirit reminded me that heavenly songs
are weapons of spiritual warfare against
lust & not many use it against problems
like that.
Yes there are practical human ways to
avoid masturbation but many are weak in
the flesh to be constant with such
time & time again the temptation comes I
either get myself busy or sing of song of
praise to God with revelation & gratitude
especially when alone.
I hope this solution helps my fellow
brethren experiencing such.
Table the problem before God to help you
overcome the immorality.
Remember Christ said the immoral won't
enter the kingdom of God, so lets not be
lack luster about it because we have Grace,
because it can also affect your sexual
health & generations to come.


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