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Pregnant woman jailed for 2 years after hitting her husband’s girlfriend
Pregnant woman jailed for 2
years after hitting her
husband’s girlfriend.
A pregnant woman has been jailed for
assaulting her husband’s mistress.
It was gathered that the woman who is five
months pregnant was convicted and jailed
for two years after hitting her husband’s
side chic with sandals in Ghana.
According to a Ghanaian journalist
identified as Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, the
woman’s husband brought his girlfriend to
their house and allegedly gave her his
wife’s cloth to put on.
The scorned wife who was shocked by that
act – confronted the lady and attacked her
with a sandals.
Read what the journalist shared on
“I encountered this beautiful young lady at
the Nsawam Female Prison last week. She
has been convicted for 2 years with a 5
months old pregnancy, and came into the
prison with her one and a half year old son.
Her offence? She tells me her “husband”
brought in his girlfriend into the house and
gave the lady her dress to wear.
“She couldn’t believe what was unfolding in
her eyes and could not contain the
humiliation. She confronted the lady and a
fight ensued.
“In the course of the struggle, she hit the
lady with a sandals she laid hands on and
was jailed for assault. Since coming to
prison, this so-called husband has never
visited her.
“My appeal is for some of our judges to fully
consider the overall context of events
before handing down sentences. I have a
feeling they are sometimes misled by the
“For how long will the Alternative
Sentencing Bill which could possibly
prescribe community sentences in such
cases, continue to gather dust in
“Shouldn’t pregnant women be given
suspended sentences instead? I simply
don’t understand why the Criminal Offences
Act 1960 which obviously needs a review
after so many years of usage continue to
dictate the pace. We are all not safe!
“She has a fine of 1400 Ghs to pay and
another 2000 for the injuries caused to her
attacker, making it 3400 Ghs in all to secure
her release.
“You may want to help! At Crime Check
Foundation, CCF, we champion the cause of
the poor and the voiceless. Join us do so!”
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