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Oriflame Nigeria: Our History, Who Are We And What We Do
For over 50 years we have empowered
woman and men all over the world to
fulfil their dreams and to celebrate their
own unique expression. We develop,
produce, distribute and sell innovative
and trend driven products to beauty
lovers all over the world and offer them
a unique possibility to be part of the
world of beauty.

Since the start, nature has played an
important part for us. We were among
the first in the world to offer cosmetics
with natural extracts such as birch sap,
decades before most other companies
and the concept of natural Swedish
cosmetics has always served as our
product base. Still today, 100% of our
extracts are natural and all our
ingredients undergo our Eco-Ethical
Screening to ensure the best quality,
safety and responsible sourcing.

Learn more:

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