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Opinion : NNU, Loom and others should not be registered by CAC
[Image: 59999713_135293390956774_239470722259773...e=5D62AFAB]
My annoyance is not even with Paul Samson directly, but with CAC. How could they register a Ponzi Scheme? Who does that! Now he's taking advantage of that to defraud people legitimately. I'm so disappointed with CAC.
Naira Marley and Zlantan were arrested for ordinary freedom of speech, alongside other Innocent Yahoo Boys. When the real guy is out here ripping. He keep on switching from one trick to another.
From NNU Income to eBoss, HIWAP, Photocash and many deceptive programs. STOP IT! And dont think I hate you bro. Your program really help some Nigerian students, no doubt. But since the system is no longer working, why not shut it down. Must you turn your good deeds to evil? Must you tarnish your image out greed? Save your name and reputations bro!
Paul know that either you or your agents are reading right now. Stop that shit you're doing to poor Nigerians. If we start writing petitions against you, e go worry u.
Thank You!

Credit to Richard Chibo https://mobile.facebook.com/story.php?st...22504&_rdr

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