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Make Mybb Forum Mobile Friendly Using Gomobile
MyBB is one of the best free forum software
available in market these days. It will always
be free but being free it has lot of
advantages and one of them is the amount
of plugins being developed on it everyday.
In this article i will put you through on how to get your MyBB forum work best on
mobile and handhelds using Mybb GoMobile plugin without going into
much trouble.

How To Utilize Gomobile on Mybb Forum

Step 1: Download the plugin here
Step 2: Install and activate the plungin
Step 3: Now login to your Admin panel > Themes and plungin > Go mobile. Here you will find a list of selected option to set preferred features for you go mobile, simply select the template to be used by your Go mobile plungin and click 'save'.

nice one bro @balogun

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