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I know that there are
many guys on this forum who
experience the opposite problem and
are probably cursing me. My problem is
that I get erections "too quickly" and it is
sometimes embarrassing. For example, I
can't make out with a girl for more than
a minute without my thing fully erect
both standing up and sitting down. If a
girl sits in my lap it is almost guaranteed
my thing will become erect.
Sometimes, even the knowledge that
some sort of physical encounter is about
to happen will get my thing erect. It is
embarrassing to be in public or with a
girl and get hard so quickly. the worst
part is not that this thing will drop
immediately o sometimes it may last
more than hour without dropping even
without stimulation, and the thing will
be looking for something that never get
lost under there, sometimes i have to
quickly move away from where i am to
beg this thing to drop but the more i
beg the more the thing tear my trousers
for me, i have resolved in wearing jeans
now, i used to wear tight boxer but this
thing don tear everything finished, aside
I'm not comfortable in wearing tight
boxer sef.
I guess I wanted to know if anyone else
has experienced this. I would appreciate
any input that you have but not abuse o

my brother seek for a sex therapist

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