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Local Methods Of Water Purification in Rural Areas

Just as food, water is another essencial for theres no living creature can do wiithout it. Just people prefer to eat cooked food because its health and edible so as its health to consume clean water too.

Today, we gonna talk about how water is purified in rural areas like villages etc where there're less water purification technology. Now , I shall list some local methods applicable in water purification:

1. Boiling: this is the most common water purification method and its proven to be one of the best and safest water to purify water in a good and hygienic environment.

2. Chemical method: this method consist of adding chemicals that are edible to human but kills germs to water.

3. Serving: This method only filters away away dirt but does not kill germs in anyway.

To be continued

Since a week ago, 'to be continued' till when?

(07-24-2019, 09:58 AM)Gboy Wrote:  Since a week ago, 'to be continued' till when?

Dont worry Gboy, i'll write a post to update and also complete that 'to be continued list' today.Smile

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