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Ladies, 8 Ways To Make Him Fall In Love With You
For Girls, 8 Ways To Make Him Fall In
Love With You.
Being in love is one of the best feelings in
the world. However, if we are loved back
by the same person we love is even
better. Falling in love is something natural
that happens without our will and we
can’t control it. We sometimes fall for a
person who does not share the same
feelings we have. That person might not
always be the right one for us and it is
better to just accept this and try to move
But this does not mean you should never
try harder to get the person you want.
Some relationships need a little push.
Investing more time and effort if you feel
it is worth it, might pay off in the end.
Doing something more might lead to
drastic changes.
If you are not sure what do to and how to
start, we have the perfect tips for you.
Even though there is no way to make
someone fall for you if they don’t feel
anything, sometimes your actions may
ignite a spark in them and help their
feelings come to the surface.
These are
the 8 things you should do if you want to
make him fall in love with you.
1.A good first impression is crucial
We have all heard the saying “You don’t
have a second chance to make a good
first impression”. This is why you should
always try hard to leave a good first
impression. Even though falling in love at
first sight is not possible, this can help
you decide whether you want to see that
person again in the future.
2.Play a bit hard to get
If you are too pushy you might seem
desperate and you will risk your chances
from the beginning. Try to show your
potential partner that you have a life on
your own and you are not available 24/7.
People like challenges and if you present
yourself as hard to get you will make him
more interested.
3.Look him in the eyes
Eye contact is very important when you
are having a conversation. It is very
intimate especially if you are trying to look
deep into his eyes. This will show him you
are very interested in him and everything
he has to say.
4.No wandering eyes while you’re with him
Being on a date and checking out other
people is the worst. Also, avoid looking at
your phone and try to focus your entire
attention to him if you don’t want him to
lose interest.
5.Let him do something nice for you
Men love doing nice things for the woman
they appreciate. If he feels this way for
you, he will try to do something nice like a
gesture or he might give you a present.
This is an act of kindness that also makes
him happy and try to let him do that when
he feels the need.
6.Go on romantic dates under candlelight
Psychologists claim that people are more
intimate and affectionate with each other
when they have a romantic under dimly lit
conditions such as under candlelight.
7.Allow yourself to be passionate
Men are very attracted to women who are
passionate about life, including their job,
career or hobby. Let him know about the
things you love most and he might start
to feel the same passion.
8.Let him know you are working on
becoming a better person
Most people are not comfortable with
showing their flaws and imperfections
especially to our partners. However, your
partner should be the person who knows
everything about you and acknowledging
your flaws by saying you would like to
change them, will make him love you
more. People who are working on
improving themselves are always
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