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How to easily gain admission in FUTO

I have put the steps to gaining admission
into FUTO in stages and each stage is of
very high importance as the other so keep
the busy-head steady while we walk
down this valley.

If you apply for a course with lower cut-
off mark and your JAMB score
unfortunately appears low then sit and
relax still because you still will have a
higher tendency of coming out in the first
list! This is every students wish!

Ensure that any two courses you want to
toss around with accept the same O`level
subject combinations.

Again, make sure your JAMB score is
above your course cut-off mark, this is the
highest secret of all. If your JAMB score is
not above your cut-off mark then rush for
a change of course before your school
releases their first list.
If you follow the guide above, I say
congrats in advance, you sure will be
master of engineering
list all university courses
master degree
about electrical engineering
accounting courses

Proud to be a Figerian!

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