How to Register For Zenith bank EazyMoney
There are three ways to register for Zenith Bank EazyMoney
Register by dialing *966#
Step 1 Registration Process
1. Dial the shortcode *966# to call up the eaZymoney menu
2. Type 1 to “Register” then press “Send"
3. Enter your first-name, press ‘send’
4. Enter your last-name, press ‘send’
5. And then enter date of birth with the format (dd/mm/yyyy)
A message will be displayed saying “ Thank you for registering for eaZymoney, a message will be sent to you shortly”
Step 2: Activation Process
Upon successful registration, a welcome message will be sent to your number with an Activation Code
1. Dial *966# and type 2 to “Activate”
2. Enter the Activation Code that was sent to you in the welcome message, press ‘send,’
3. Create a new PIN, press ‘send,’
4. Then verify or Confirm the new PIN.
You will receive a confirmation message "Congratulations, you have successfully activated your eaZymoney account."
Note: this process is acceptable with any network
Register Via internet
Step 1 Get eaZymoney Mobile app
Download and install eaZymoney app into your smart phone

Blackberry :


phones to receive the download link and an Activation Code on your phone via a welcome message.
Step 2. Registration Process
1. Lunch the app in you phone
2. Go to sign-up and Register to receive a welcome message and an Activation Code.
Step 3. Activation Process
On the mobile app
1. Got to sign-up and then Activation Option
2. Enter your Mobile Number and the Activation Code that was sent you in the welcome message.
3. Put in your new 4 digit PIN
4. Verify or confirm the new PIN
5. Tick the Agreement Terms of Consent
You will receive a confirmation message from eaZymoney for your activation.You can now log in with your Mobile Number and the PIN you created
Note: please do not use easy codes for your PIN number

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