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How To Bypass/Hack GoTV Automatic Scanning When You First Switch On Your Decoder
GoTV can really be frustrating atimes especially when one urgently wants to watch the TV when you first switch it on, then it now begins this 6mins automatic scanning when prompt you not to watch any things yet on the screen except the loading/booting on the progress bar.

In order not to go through this trauma here's are some simple steps to help you bypass this GoTV automatic scanning when you first switch on the decoder.

*But before we proceed.... seriously I hate to "pour sand inside your garri". Hope you no that anything that has advantage also has disadvantages. This is the disadvantage of the action you're about to take:
• Your channel may not be complete.
• You may experience poor signal issues.

Now let's leep back to the business of the day.

This is how to bypass GoTV automatic scanning when you first switch on your decoder.

Once you must have switched your decoder ON, simply press the "white lonely button" at the tip or top of the remote control twice because first press will temporarily switch off the Decoder then another press will reswitch it on but this time will bypass this scanning of a thing and you're good to go!
life hack. Tanx for sharing

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