How To Become A Political Cabal in Nigeria
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How To Become A Political Cabal In Nigeria

In Nigeria, politicians are the highlest level of power. When i say Power i dont mean power asin as a boss of an organisation. Am talking about power of money, it doesnt matter whether your tribe, religion, gender or history but as long as you are a prominent politician you good to go. Thats why many people both young and eldely are engaging into politics nowadays.

Now, if you want to become a political cabal in Nigeria please not that is not a one day job, just like the saying ' little drops of water make a mighty oceans' and an Eglish proverbs that say 'a journey of thousand miles begins with a step'. What I try to drop in a nutshell is that ; for one to become a political cabal in Nigeria is surely a gradual process but will be faster if you have any of these requirements i gonna state below

1. Money
2. Fame
3. Connections
4. A high ranking position eg ex governor, senator etc

In my next post, i will give a detailed explaination to each of these factors i liisted above. Please stay be continued 09079961180. Thank you.

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