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How Gistaforum Buying and Selling Works
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For each activities a registered member of
gistaforum does, he or she will be
rewarded points in naira (N)
Pretty cool right?.
These points are used to make online
purchase of script, template, cracked
plugins, account details such as
netfix,Instagram etc.
In order to earn this points you must
perform activities like posting,
commenting, viewing a post and private
In order words, gistaforum offers you
point of 90% of activities you perform on
the site.
Whenever a user does an online purchase
with gistaforum, the cost of the product
will be deducted from the user's point
and the point will be added to the sellers
account point.
What are you waiting for? Visit the selling
and buying section and make your first
online purchase on gistaforum.


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