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How Behavior Therapists Analyze Social Behavior
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Social behavior is an essential
part of how individuals of any
species, including humans,
interact with each other for good
or ill. Understanding human
social behavior is at the heart of
behavior analysis. According to
the Association for Behavior
Analysis International (ABAI),
behavior analysis seeks to
understand individual expression
through the application of
natural science. Diagnosing,
defining, and dealing with social
behavior problems are what
behavior therapists are trained to

Social Behavior Definition
and Understanding Human

Humans are complex and
interesting, and their ability for
deep thought makes it difficult to
determine their behavior as
compared with simpler creatures.
According to the Behavior Analyst
Certification Board® definition,
behavior analysts study human
behavior—what causes it and
how it can be changed to
improve the overall quality of
human life. An ABA therapist uses
a system that includes
assessment of social skills,
specific strategy creation and
specific interventions (such as
response training, behavioral and
verbal intervention).
“Humans are inherently social,”
Simon N. Young explained in an
article in the Journal of Psychiatry
& Neuroscience, but the manner
in which the human brain
regulates the good function or
disruption of normal social is still
a widely underexplored topic.
Autism Speaks, a national
advocacy organization, defines
social skills as skills that enable
humans to interact with one
another and the world around
Applied behavior analysis (ABA),
as Psychology Today reports, is a
field that deals with the
improvement of human social
behaviors, including reading,
communication, social skills, and
adaptive learning skills. ABA
serves as a critical methodology
for teaching people with autism,
helping them live full, productive
lives by learning about their
behavior in context.

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