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Colorful and wild - the second self

The new trend looks reveal their special kick in hidden color effects, which are revealed by simple restyling. Expressively shining tones contrast with natural nuances. Shimmering gold, cool petrol, electrifying blue, rich violet, pink or red draw everyone's attention as soon as their secret is revealed through braided and updo real hair wigs uk hairstyles. Expressive hair tattoos, broken lengths and sophisticated undercuts give everyday cuts a different twist.

The rebellious yet sophisticated looks can be implemented quickly and easily. This is ensured by the complete Londa Professional product range: from multifaceted colors to highly effective care to the inspiring styling series.

The new Hair Fashion Collection by Goldwell presents creativity in its purest form

A new era begins. It wakes up like a new day. Technologies surround and drive us, while at the same time prompting everyone to remember their original identity in order to return to our elementary self. The visionary and the original merge with each other. Unpolished meets sophistication. A new trend is emerging which shows creativity in its purest form: The Color Zoom 18 Collection "element? L".

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