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Are you Addicted to Facebook? See How to Restrict your Facebook usage

If you are addicted to using Facebook
upto the extend you spent too much of
your time on it, then there is a way you
can reduce the amount of time you
spend on Facebook. This ‘Your Time on
Facebook’ feature comes with another
great option called ‘Set Daily
Reminder’ which lets you set a daily limit
to your Facebook usage.

To set the facebook daily usage limit,
just tap on the ‘Set Daily Reminder’
option its under the ‘Your Time on
Facebook’ menu and then select your
desirable time limit you wish to spend
on Facebook on daily basis. Once you
have reach that exact time limit,
Facebook will notify you.
Final word:
This Facebook daily usage limit can be
useful but only if you have self control. If
your Facebook addiction has gone
beyond a simple reminder, then you
need to fine solution.

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