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A funny experience i will never forget-LMAO
I just remembered what happened some
years back when coming back from the
market at Victoria Island, we were just at
third Mainland bridge when we saw the
hold up on the bridge, normally I don't like
that bridge especially when it's getting dark
so that day I decided to trek it thinking of
getting to Ogudu I might get bus. When I
came out of the bus I noticed that people
were also coming down, we had walked a
little distance when we saw a madman
shouting "54,54,54,54..." and people were
around him, wondering why he kept
shouting that number,,,, so I told them to
ask the man na, maybe he'll be able to tell us
why he's shouting it. A very well handsome
young Nigerian youth decided to take the
risk, he was bold, he tapped the madman
and said "bros, wati happen to 54 wey you
dey shout na?"
The madman just looked at the man, lifted
him up like he doesn't even have weight,
and throw him into the water under the
bridge and started shouting "55,55,55,55..."
Ooooo boy, see race that day, me that was
thinking of trekking to Ogudu, I didn't even
no how I reached my house that was at
Ibafo because of the race!!!