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9 Signs That It Is Not Time To Give Up On Your Relationship Yet

Being in a relationship with a person
gives you the same amount of love you
provide for them is the best feeling in the
Humans are social beings that
need love which will give them the
strength to move forward in life. This
feeling makes us want to become better
people every day. However, being in a
unhappy relationship can have
devastating effect on your entire life
making you feel like there is no reason to
wake up in the morning.
A healthy and strong relationship involves
partners who are willing to open
themselves to each other. This is the true
point of love and regardless of the risk of
getting your heart broken, you are willing
to take that chance. If you are not sure
whether your partner and your
relationship are worth the effort, it is
important to evaluate how much you give
from yourself and how much your
is involved.
These are 9 signs that will help
you figure out if your relationship has a
1.Both of you don’t want to call it a quits
If both you and your partner are willing
work hard on making your relationship
work, it is an excellent sign that you have
a good future together where you will try
to overcome any difficulty as a couple.
2.You have unfinished business
If you can’t stand something your partner
does or if you feel your relationship has
become stagnant, it does not mean it is
over and you should give up. First try to
talk with your partner openly about the
things you are not happy about and if
they are willing to work on it you might
end up happier.
3.A new problem is ruining everything
If the reason for your unhappiness is a
recent problem, it doesn’t mean it will
destroy everything you have already
worked on. It may be difficult to
overcome, but in the end you will get out
stronger than ever. Never avoid your
partner during challenging times because
relationships are not always about
4.He’s genuinely trying to improve
If he is making an effort to get rid of his
bad habits that make you upset, he
definitely wants your relationship to work
out. Be patient, change is a long process
and everyone deserves a second chance.
5.Your surroundings are making you
doubt your relationship
If you feel like most of your troubles are
caused by outside factors, try to avoid
thinking about them and don’t let them
become a part of your relationship. Don’t
let other people stand between you. You
are the person who knows what is the
best for you and others will never know
how you feel and will never see things
from your perspective.
6.Don’t give up until you have got all the
facts straight
If you have heard rumor that he has
cheated on you but you are not sure, or if
your friends tell you he is not good for
you, instead of jumping to conclusion try
to thing about the facts thoroughly.
Evaluate the problem first and then make
a decision without rushing into anything.
7.It’s just one honest mistake
We all make mistakes and you should
never crucify your partner about a small
insignificant mishap. You might do the
same thing in the future and you will
want support and understanding from
your partner.
8.Some problems can’t be fixed
We often encounter serious issues in a
relationship that can’t be resolved and
fixed easily. They might require a lot of
time and effort and it is extremely
important to sit down and discuss that
problem with your partner.
9.You’re afraid you’ll be heartbroken
Being afraid to love just because of the
fear of being heartbroken is stupid. Many
people will prefer to be alone than risk
getting hurt. However, this fear should
not stop you from falling in love and
working on your relationship. Not all men
are interested in cheating or hurting their
partner. Try to relax, and enjoy your
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