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10 Jokes you wouldn't want to miss - No.10 will amaze you
Can't stop cracking my ribs for you guys..
Enjoy this Top 10 randomly chosen jokes for my Fanz..
1. Never trust a girl with a broken phone...
If she can break her phone, then what is
your heart???
2. When I started Facebook newly,
I sent a friend request to Nicky minaj and
she accepted...
I was happy until she asked me to
send her mtn credit...
3. Life is Cruel ooo... A girl will wear trouser
and people will say she is sexy while a Guy
will wear skirt and people will say is a mad
Is it not vice versa???
4. Give A Girl 100k or iPhone 8, Her Mother
Won’t Ask Where She Got It From!!
But If You Give Her Belle, Her Father, Her
Mother, Her Brothers, Her Uncle And Aunt
And Even Her Ancestors Will Come Looking
For You.
5. No privacy in this Malawi again, I was
using my phone in a bus yesterday and one
guy said,
*Bros, please scroll back small, I know
see that girl picture well...
6. Dating short girlz is cute until you wanna
kiss her it will be like you are drinking
water from the tap.
7. To those boys who stole our boxers
shorts, socks, panties and singlets back in
Boarding School, i hope your Boutique is
moving on well now?
8. So You're 24 and you still live with your
Me: Whose parents was I supposed to live
9. Just because you are using MTN doesn't
mean you should allow your teeth to be
10. Real Men don't eat Eba,
They eat the garri and drink hot water, the
eba will make itself in their belly.....
Where are the real men???
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