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‘How I Was Maltreated In DSS Detention’ — Sowore

The co-convener of #RevolutionNow
protest, Omoyele Sowore, who has been
in the detention of the Department of
State Services since August 3, 2019, has
accused the DSS of maltreating him.
“I was abducted in the middle of the
night. I was taken to one of your facilities
in Lagos. I was beaten up, rough-handled
on my way to the facility in the car.
And my cousin, who was in the room
with me, was also beaten and
handcuffed, and my properties were
forcefully seized. And when I got there, of
course, the maltreatment continued, they
threw me on a cold floor and locked the
“I had no contact with even the guards
for two nights; I was in that facility
before I was flown here by your agents.
So, I was seriously maltreated,” Sowore
reportedly said during an interrogation
session by DSS operatives.
The National Legal Adviser of African
Action Congress, the political party on
whose platform Sowore contested the
presidential race in this year’s general
elections, Inibehe Effiong shared the
“Transcript from DSS Interrogation of
Sowore Upon Abduction – Excerpt 1,” on
his Facebook page on Monday.
According to the transcript, Sowore was
interrogated by five DSS operatives in the
presence of his lawyer, one “Barrister
One Usman Usman, a DSS operative, who
led the interrogation, was said to have
told Sowore that, “We’ll be asking you
questions and our advice is for you to be
truthful to the best of your knowledge.
We’ll not force you to say anything.
Whatever question we ask and you have
a problem with or you don’t have an
answer to or you don’t want to answer,
there is no compulsion, you simply tell us
you’re not going to answer these

When asked by Usman to say “If in the
course of your being here anybody has
molested you in any way or maltreated
you?” Sowore said, “Yes,” and went on to
give the response above.
On whether he was denied food, the
detainee said, “While in your facility in
Lagos, yes, but I decided that because of
their hostility I won’t take any food until I
am allowed to talk to a lawyer.
I continued to refuse food; until I was
allowed to speak with a lawyer, and I
have seen my lawyer, but I am still being
denied access to my immediate family.”
Asked if he had made calls to his family
members, Sowore replied his
interrogator, “I’ve not made any calls to
them. My brother is outside; he wasn’t
allowed to see me as we speak.
“No, I’ve not made any call to my family
members, I only made calls to people I
remember their numbers to bring me
food and asked them to call my brother.
My brother came in today.
But he was denied access to me, so I
haven’t been able to see him and as a
result, speak with my mum, wife and

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